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Meade ETX Premium Edition PE Telescopes - Just because a star may be millions of years old, doesn't mean it should take you that long to find it. Until now, the stargazer's two biggest challenges to enjoying the night sky have been aligning their telescope and finding objects. New Meade ETX Premier Edition telescopes (ETX-90PE, ETX-125PE) eliminate these two challenges and makes astronomy as easy as pushing a button - right out of the box. Want to see a hard-to-find deep space galaxy? Simply push a button on this Meade Telescope. The same goes for planets, stars, nebulae and more. Just pick an object you want to observe with your Meade ETX-90 PE, or a larger ETX-125 PE, press a button, and then Meade AutoStar will automatically point your telescope and put it right in your eyepiece.

ETX Premier EditionDon't know what you want to see this evening? Go to the "Tonight's Best" tour in your AutoStar that comes with our Meade ETX telescopes. It automatically selects the best objects in the sky for that particular time and location (from its database of over 30,000 celestial objects). All you need is a clear night, a dark sky and a little curiosity. Whether you already know the sky by heart, or are just beginning your journey of discovery, your Meade ETX-Premier Edition telescopes will take you where you want to go. Astronomy has never been so fun and rewarding - enjoy the sky with Meade telescopes from

Meade Automatic Alignment + SmartFinderMeade SmartFinderMeade's new ETX-Premier Edition telescope automatically levels your telescope, points it to North and sets the time. You just enter your location or zip code. After your Meade ETX completes its patented Level North automatic alignment procedure it will point to the first alignment star. Use the new wide-field SmartFinder to center the red dot over the alignment stars for ultra-precise pointing accuracy. It's that easy. Meade Goto Telescopes

  • Meade Electronic Level Sensor
  • Meade Electronic Magnetic North Sensor
  • Meade High Precision Internal Clock
  • Meade Red Dot Viewfinder (SmartFinder)
Meade ETX Telescopes Premier Edition: Meade Telescope ETX-90PE Meade Telescope ETX-125PE
Model ETX-90PE ETX-125PE
Manual Meade ETX PE Manual in PDF Meade ETX PE Manual in PDF
Aperture 90mm (3.5") 127mm (5.0")
Optical Design Maksutov-Cassegrain Maksutov-Cassegrain
Focal Ratio f/13.8 f/15
Focal Length 1250mm 1900mm
AutoStar #497 #497
Field Tripod #884 Meade Tripod Included Meade Tripod Included
Software AutoStar Suite AE AutoStar Suite AE
PC Interface Cable Included Included
Accessory Kits Meade ETX Telescope Accessories Meade ETX Telescope Accessories

Optional Meade ETX PE Premium Edition Telescope Accessories: offers a complete line of original Meade ETX Premium Edition PE Telescope Accessories you need for your Meade ETX-90PE, Meade ETX-125PE Telescopes. We carry a huge selection of real Meade Telescope Accessories for your Meade ETX Premium Edition PE Telescopes in stock - Meade Telescope Eyepieces, Filters, Camera Adapters, Tripods, Meade Telescope carry bags and hard cases, Meade ETX PE/ AT Telescope Dewshields, AC adapters, cables, power cords, GPS Autostar, Meade Autostar Suite including LPI Imager, Meade ETX Electric Focusers, Meade 45° Erecting Prisms, Meade 2x Short Barlow Lens, Meade ETX-90/125 T-Adapter, and more.

Please, note: Meade ETX PE Premier Edition Telescope Accessories are OPTIONAL Telescope accessories.

Meade ETX PE

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