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Meprolight Tritium Night Sights are outstanding for their any-light performance. The illuminated reticles require no battery, and they are virtually maintenance-free, so even though they're a technologically advanced gun sight, Meprolight Tritium Sights are incredibly easy to use. Along with Meprolight Fiber Optic Night Sights, which use ambient light to illuminate the reticle, the tritium powered gun sights are combat-proven to be a perfect fail-safe option for tactical, hunting and sport shooting purposes. Most popular weapons have a Meprolight Night Sight in both a fixed and adjustable model, so regardless of your needs there is a great option available. Tritium power will provide light in any weather condition for up to 15 years. This unbeatable performance in a night sight, along with their dedication to their customers, is why Meprolight backs up their night sights with the strongest guarantee in the industry.

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Meprolight has been making high tech sights for law enforcement and military professionals for over 20 years. Hunters also love their undeniable quality for those twilight hours when some of the best game appears. The performance and quality control standards at Meprolight ensure their sights are tough enough to withstand recoil, solvents, and harsh field conditions. Shooters especially love the Meprolight Tru-Dot system, many of which require an absolute minimum of modifications to the firearm, and yet greatly improve the user's performance. With millions of Meprolight Night Sights currently in use, there is an ever increasing demand, and ever improving expanding product line to satisfy everyone's particular needs.

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