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Once you have your metal detector, you're going to want to stock up on Metal Detector Parts & Accessories. There are a number of different options for accessorizing your metal detector, and they all depend on your activity. If you're treasure hunting, a gold pan kit for sifting through a lot of sand and mud is an absolute necessity. After all, if your metal detector picks up some sign of metal in an area known for gold deposits you'll need to separate out the metal from the dirt to see if you're found a treasure or just a bit of lead. If you're on a crowded beach and want to keep your findings a secret or avoid annoying others with the beeping from your detector, a pair of metal detector headphones is a perfect accessory. On the other hand, you will likely use your metal detector for years, and while they are a reliable technology, parts may need to be replaced on occasion, so be sure to take a look at some of the metal detector replacement parts below as well. We have replacement and upgrade coils to keep your detector performing at maximum levels for years and years. We do our best to offer all the metal detector part or accessory you need from top brands like Garrett, Bounty Hunter and Barska.

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