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Michaels of Oregon is renown world leader within the hunting, shooting and law enforcement product categories with its wide range of top hunting and law enforcement brands - Uncle Mike's, Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement, Hoppe's, Stoney Point, Butler Creek, Gun Mate, Blackwater Gear. Michael's of Oregon is now a part of awesome family of Bushnell Outdoor Products.

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Over the decades of Michaels of Oregon existence, more of specifically oriented brands were introduced to general consumer public, hunters, shooters and law enforcement members. These brands and specific oriented products made consumer's life and experience with firearms more pleasant. Michaels of Oregon Co is leading manufacturer of products in such categories as outdoor accessories, hunting accessories and shooting accessories. With such brands as Uncle Mike’s®, Hoppe’s®, Butler Creek®, Stoney Point®, Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement™ and Blackwater Gear™ brands available for general consumer. Michaels Oregon is leader in the industry. These brands offer high quality products. There are many types of holsters to choose from: pistol holsters, tactical holster, gun holsters, kydex holster, ankle holster, belt slide holster, hip holster. You can always find other firearms related items such as gun cases, barrels, grips, duty gear, gun cleaning accessories (cleaning kits, gun oils, bore gels, cleaning rods, solvents, oils, grease, lubricants, field wipes, cleaning swabs). You can always find handy products from following categories such as slings, bino straps, bore snakes, scope covers, stocks (folding stock, gun stocks, sks stocks) scope caps, target knobs. If your firearm or it is just your trip that requires support then Michaels of Oregon Co offers tripods, monopods, folding monopods, hiking staffs, bipods, quadrapods. There are choices in tactical gear category, either it will be apparel or clothing you will find what you are looking for. Line up of knives, fixed blade knives, folding knife will fit any enthusiast or proffessional. Michaels of Oregon also offers wide range of targets, paper targets, fluorescent red targets. Wide range of safety gear is available, you can find safety glasses, sound mufflers (sound muffs), ear plugs, gauges, bullet comparator and its all from trust worth company: Michael of Oregon.