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Make sure to get the most fun and use out of your microscope with microscope accessories. Having a selection of quality prepared slides will enable you to learn how to use your microscope quickly, while immersion oil will allow you to look at objects at higher magnifications. If you want to upgrade some of your microscope parts, you'll find what you need at OpticsPlanet. We have various microscope objective lenses, which can greatly improve the image you see, as well as microscope cameras that allow you to photograph highly magnified images. If you want to prolong the life of your microscope it's best to keep the lenses clean and covered when not in use, and protecting each part will give you the best performance for years to come. You're smart enough to invest in a good microscope. Make sure you invest in your investment by adding these great microscope accessories to your new optic!

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Whether you're using a microscope for chemistry, biology or just some scientific fun, there are a great number of microscope components that will make you more successful. Every microscope eyepiece we offer will give you a different image, with each lens suited for a particular purpose. Carson, LOMO and Nikon all make fine accessories for microscopes, with high quality lens material, optimal design, and great construction. If you find yourself confused about any of the terminology used, or whether one accessory might be better than another, be sure to read through our How to Buy a Microscope guide and our Microscope Terms page.

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