2,513 Brands 488 Categories All Departments carries a wide variety of Military and Tactical Binoculars to suit the needs of just about all armed forces and police scenarios. We understand that different groups of people look for different things from their binos, and that military professionals absolutely must have rugged quality, because they put their binos through more abuse than just anyone. Because of this, we have top brands like Bushnell, Nikon and Zeiss. These brands have long track records of quality, which is why they're trusted by men and women who put their lives on the line for freedom and justice around the world. These powerful military binoculars can be mounted on ships, guard towers, or on the ground for observation purposes as well as carried on the field for a portable, high powered optic. For a permanently mounted tactical binocular that will serve in harsh conditions, our military customers generally want a higher magnification and crystal clear lenses such as those by Oberwerk. All of our military binoculars are extremely tough and waterproof so they can withstand the rigors of action required by the people that work in inclement weather and other hostile environments. Waterproofing is essential in marine environments, and the extra strong seals also prevent dust from entering into the glasses in dirty and sandy places where these items are very often also used. This makes these binos great for Army or Naval officers, and they can be used all over the place! The Kowa Highlander 32x82 Observation binoculars with their matching tripod are some of the most robust high powered military binoculars available, and they enable long-distance viewing for extended periods of time. The best-selling Oberwerk 100mm Military Observation binocular and Nikon 20x120 Bino Telescope binoculars are also superb choices. The tough-as-nails Leupold 10x50 Patrol Tactical Binoculars are available with a reticle for range estimation, have a lifetime warranty, and are a favorite of soldiers and policemen who demand the best.

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