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A camera that has ambitions to become a classic has to feature an ingenious design which will enthuse photographers for years to come. The concept at Minox has always been to provide cameras with the smallest possible dimensions, demonstrating absolute precision and a top-class design. That's Minox. Past, present, future.

There's always a clever mind behind every classic design. And the Minox story must always be told with reference to the name Walter Zapp. The legendary designer who wrote photographic history with his revolutionary invention of the first Ur-Minox in 1938. The ingenious idea was to be seen in its dimensions. A camera smaller than a cigar and weighing less than a cigarette lighter and featuring an excellent lens, was a stroke of lasting genius.

And of course, it was no surprise to see this compact camera with the 8x11mm film format go on to become world famous as espionage cameras.

Small and handy in size, big in technology and imaging performance. This applied in 1938 to the legendary Riga Model of the inventor,Walter Zapp, and still applies today to the Minox TLX Miniature 8x11 Camera. The advantages of this 8 x 11 classic camera are not only appreciated by professionals. You can always rely on the smallest of the Minox film cameras for providing superb family and holiday photos. It is light, robust and can be used for all purposes. It's a camera you never leave at home!

Minox TLX Miniature 8x11 Camera:

  • Subminiature camera with 8x11mm film format
  • Four-element 15 mm Minox lens f/3,5/15mm
  • Electronic exposure measuring
  • Aluminium housing with titanium anodized finish
  • Range setting from 20 cm to infinity
  • Aperture priority (1/2000 s - B)
  • Manual setting (1/2000 s - 1/30 s)
  • Retractable neutral density filter
  • Push-pull rapid wind.

Small, but powerful. For convenient photography in the smallest format Minox presents the Minox MX 8x11 Camera . Concentration on essentials is the philosophy applied here. Without having to compromise on optical performance, these Minox film cameras control all the required functions automatically. You can concentrate on the subject and let your creative imagination run free. Weighing just 56 grams this is a flyweight in Minox camera design. Using high-strength plastics reinforced with glass-fibre the weight is kept to a minimum. The Minox MX 8x11 Camera - discreet and the ideal companion for every occasion.

Minox MX 8x11 Camera :
  • Subminiature camera with 8x11 mm film format
  • Four-element Minox lens f/4,8/15 mm
  • Mechanical shutter system (1/125 s)
  • Grey filter (in scope of delivery)
  • Manual focusing from 1 m to infinity
  • Film wind knob