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We have one of the largest selections of Minox products on the net! A camera that has ambitions to become a classic has to feature an ingenious design which will enthuse photographers for years to come. The concept at Minox has always been to provide cameras with the smallest possible dimensions, demonstrating absolute precision and a top-class design.

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That's Minox. Past, Present, Future. There's always a clever mind behind every classic design. And the Minox story must always be told with reference to the name Walter Zapp. The legendary designer who wrote photographic history with his revolutionary invention of the first Ur-Minox in 1938. The ingenious idea was to be seen in its dimensions. A camera smaller than a cigar and weighing less than a cigarette lighter. And featuring an excellent lens. This was a stroke of lasting genius - as the Minox ECX 8x11 Subminiature Camera still proofs today. And of course, it was no surprise to see this compact camera with the 8x11mm film format go on to become world famous as espionage cameras. Small and handy in size, big in technology and imaging performance. This applied in 1938 to the legendary Riga Model of the inventor,Walter Zapp, and still applies today to the Minox TLX Miniature 8x11 Camera. The advantages of this 8 x 11 classic camera are not only appreciated by professionals. You can always rely on the smallest of the Minox film cameras for providing superb family and holiday photos. It is light, robust and can be used for all purposes. It's a camera you never leave at home!

Take a look at Minox Digital Cameras its worth it! With digital cameras from Minox taking pictures is uncomplicated and accurate. Their compact design and high performance open up a wider spectrum of use. Versatile, extremely compact, fast and reliable. A Digital Camera by Minox is the perfect companion for every amateur photographer, along with a sturdy tripod and camera accessories, enhance creativity with brilliant photo quality. Minox has recreated the great camera classics in a scale of 1:3, these unique and powerful miniature digital cameras are made for a range of uses. All cameras are fully functional and whether they are digital cameras or film cameras, achieve excellent photographic results. In movies, did you ever wonder where those super-small mini cameras came from? Minox is famous for practically inventing the miniature camera and OpticsPlanet is pleased to be carrying such a milestone in camera history. The subminiature cameras for the 8x11 mm MINOX film became world famous as the mini spy camera, small and handy in size, big in technology and imaging performance.

Minox 35mm Camera Accessories assure to have just the right item for you if you are planning to expand your photographic outfit. The selection of 35mm Camera Accessories ranges from flash adapter, such as Minox 8 X 11 Flash Adapter for A / B / BL / C / AX / LX / TLX Camera 69124 , to Minox Minopan Black & White Print Film , Minox Monocular Color Negative Print Film and Minox Power Pack Mercury Battery Replacement , up to the complete Minox Set which comprises camera and flash, such as Minox 8x11 Camera Flash and Minox 35 mm Camera Flash. All with the renowned Minox quality - small, compact and virtually indestructible. With Minox even the accessories are designed to make life easier. The individual items are always small and easy to store. Robust and hard-wearing materials also make sure your Minox 35 mm Camera Accessories will give you long-lasting pleasure. If you want to capture special moments in exceptionally beautiful pictures you need to have a good outfit, in addition to photographic know-how. At Minox we have everything to satisfy the desires of the Minox Camera enthusiast.

Distant objects almost close enough to touch: whether traveling, hunting or practicing other leisure activities - with Minox Binoculars you can always keep objects in sight. The word Minox is synonymous with miniaturization. Today's generation of Minox Binoculars proves again the advantages of optical and mechanical precision in a compact size. Minox Binoculars are a feast for the eyes: top class design and lens systems which offer extremely high resolution. This is the result of a joint venture by two legendary German names: Volkswagen Design and Minox. Together, the two groups have won numerous international design awards for their ability to marry form and function. Each Minox product is the result of decades of experience with high performance optics. Thanks to the modern production technologies, Minox Binoculars share an incomparable standard of reliability and longevity. All Minox products are checked thoroughly, to assure the best performance in the worst conditions. These Binoculars are available in many sizes that would serve perfectly as Birdwatching Binoculars, Sportsviewing Binoculars or General Purpose Binoculars. Minox Binoculars guarantee detailed viewing. They combine the classic Minox values of highest optical performance and mechanical precision in a compact design.

When night vision binoculars even with top light-gathering power and high twilight factor approach their optical limits, it's time for the ultra-compact Minox Night Vision devices from MINOX. Night vision monocular's from Minox are needed when binoculars, even with top light-gathering power and high twilight factor, approach their optical limits. Whether for orientation purposes on land or at sea, for viewing, observation and hunting or for protecting objects, Minox Night Vision Scopes permit silent and discrete observation even in advanced twilight and at night.

The ability to draw in distant objects close enough to touch! This is also something many nature observers and bird watchers desire and it can be achieved with Minox Spotting Scopes. With the Minox Spotting Scopes, MINOX MD 62 and Minox MD 62 ED, MINOX has supplemented its sport optics program to meet this requirement. Here again the company values of compact design, quality and precision are consistently applied in their spotting scopes, as with all products from MINOX in the field of sport optics. The sturdy metal housing protect Minox Spotting Scopes, the precision mechanical parts and precision optics against harmful influence from the outside and the nitrogen filling prevents misting up of the optical system on the inside, even under extreme temperature fluctuations. Being a legendary camera manufacturer, MINOX has, of course, also provided the Minox Photo Adapter 62310, for use with all camera systems.

Minox Weather Instruments are multi-functional devices for all outdoor activities. Whether cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, sailing, surfing, canoeing, hang-gliding or anything else. With the Minox Wind Watch/Thermometer, Minox Wind Watch Pro Altimeter, Barometer, Thermometer & Windspeed Gauge and Minox Wind Watch Pro II Wind and Weather Reading Instrument 63005 and their temperature sensor you can reliably and quickly find out the local wind speed, external temperature, air pressure and height above sea level. Extremely compact dimensions combined with a range of functions make these Minox Measuring Tools an ideal and practical companion for all outdoor activities. The Minox Wind Watch measures wind speed and temperature as well as the wind chill. The Minox Wind Watch Pro also has an integrated altitude meter and barometer. The Minox Suntimer, UV Radiation Monitor, Watch & Stopwatch is an innovative instrument suitable for all active leisure enthusiasts. The Sun Timer from Minox helps you keep a watchful eye on damaging UV radiation and backs up sensible judgment of the overall conditions with high-technology. With its special sensors Minox Suntimer, UV Radiation Monitor & Watch measures the amount of ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight and provides you with information on its intensity.

With these highly versatile pocket sized weather instruments from Minox, outdoor and active leisure fans can now become owners of one of the smallest 'weather stations' on the market today. These ultra-compact weather instruments are therefore perfect for those who need an accurate estimation of the weather. The handy Minox wind watches and Minox Sun-Timer, UV Radiation Monitor, Watch & Stopwatch offer a multitude of different modes found in other weather instruments such as wind and temperature measuring as well as the UV radiation monitoring.


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