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Product Discontinued by Manufacturer

Mountain Shades Sport/polarized has been discontinued by Mountain Shades and is no longer available. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. You can also explore other items in the Sunglasses category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

Mountain Shades Sport/polarized Product Info

Buy the Mountain Shades Sport/polarized on sale for a great price at our online store! If you have questions about the Mountain Shades Sport/polarized or other Sunglasses we sell, contact us to speak with a product expert who can recommend the best Sunglasses for you.

The Mountain Shades series covers all the bases with premier fit, finish, quality, fashion, style and at affordable prices. 100% UVA,B,C protection, polycarbonate (or nylon for polarized models) lenses and lead free paint. 3 to 4 frame colors per style. Limited Lifetime Warranty for the original purchaser.

Features of Mountain Shades Sport/polarized:

  • Manic, Hutch, Sneffels, Eastface & X9 have rubber temple tips.
  • Kinetix, St. Martin & Tripod have rubber nose bridge.
  • Method, Nasby, Relay, Atrosphere, Laser, Rampart & Scorpion have rubber temple tips & rubber nose pads.

Package Contents:

  • Mountain Shades Sport/polarized

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Mountain Shades Sport/polarized Unorderable Models

Mountain Shades Bruin Assorted Sport Pc 11282 ASSORT, MPN: 11282 ASSORT, UPC: 780207112828, Code: MTS-SG-28972-11282ASSORT
Mountain Shades Relay Assort Sport Pc 20113 ASSORT, MPN: 20113 ASSORT, UPC: 780207201133, Code: MTS-SG-28972-20113ASSORT
Mountain Shades Manic Assorted Sports Pc 04267 ASSORT., MPN: 04267 ASSORT., UPC: 780207042675, Code: MTS-SG-28972-04267ASSORT
Mountain Shades Kinetix Assorted Sport Pc 11011 ASSORT, MPN: 11011 ASSORT, UPC: 780207110114, Code: MTS-SG-28972-11011ASSORT
Mountain Shades Warhead Assorted Sport Pc 20291 ASSORT, MPN: 20291 ASSORT, UPC: 780207202918, Code: MTS-SG-28972-20291ASSORT
Mountain Shades Corea Assorted Sport Pc 20112 ASSORT, MPN: 20112 ASSORT, UPC: 780207201126, Code: MTS-SG-28972-20112ASSORT
Mountain Shades X9 Assorted Sport Pc 11012 ASSORT, MPN: 11012 ASSORT, UPC: 780207110121, Code: MTS-SG-28972-11012ASSORT
Mountain Shades Digmon Assort Polarized 30044 ASSORT, MPN: 30044 ASSORT, UPC: 780207201317, Code: MTS-SG-28972-30044ASSORT
Mountain Shades Laser Assorted Sport Pc 30031 ASSORT, MPN: 30031 ASSORT, UPC: 780207300317, Code: MTS-SG-28972-30031ASSORT
Mountain Shades Tripod Assorted Sport Pc 30030 ASSORT, MPN: 30030 ASSORT, UPC: 780207300300, Code: MTS-SG-28972-30030ASSORT
Mountain Shades Scorpion Assorted Sport Pc 01355 ASSORT, MPN: 01355 ASSORT, UPC: 780207013552, Code: MTS-SG-28972-01355ASSORT
Mountain Shades Fezon Assorted Sports Pc 20908/30333, MPN: 20908/30333, UPC: 780207300331, Code: MTS-SG-28972-2090830333
Mountain Shades Atrosphere Assorted Sport Pc 20290 ASSORT, MPN: 20290 ASSORT, UPC: 780207202901, Code: MTS-SG-28972-20290ASSORT
Mountain Shades Cauldron Assorted Polarized 20298 ASSORT, MPN: 20298 ASSORT, UPC: 780207202987, Code: MTS-SG-28972-20298ASSORT
Mountain Shades Method Assorted Sport Pc 20293 ASSORT, MPN: 20293 ASSORT, UPC: 780207202932, Code: MTS-SG-28972-20293ASSORT
Mountain Shades Mind Trick Assorted Sports Pc 30029 ASSORT., MPN: 30029 ASSORT., UPC: 780207016454, Code: MTS-SG-28972-30029ASSORT
Mountain Shades Bishup Assorted Polarized 01357 ASSORT, MPN: 01357 ASSORT, UPC: 780207013576, Code: MTS-SG-28972-01357ASSORT
Mountain Shades Basecamp Assort Polarized 11201 ASSORT, MPN: 11201 ASSORT, UPC: 780207112019, Code: MTS-SG-28972-11201ASSORT
Mountain Shades Hutch Assorted Polarized 4285/11275 ASSORT, MPN: 4285/11275 ASSORT, UPC: 780207112750, Code: MTS-SG-28972-428511275ASSORT
Mountain Shades Sneffels Assorted Polarized 11271 ASSORT, MPN: 11271 ASSORT, UPC: 780207112712, Code: MTS-SG-28972-11271ASSORT
Mountain Shades Tropay Assorted Polarized 11277 ASSORT, MPN: 11277 ASSORT, UPC: 780207112774, Code: MTS-SG-28972-11277ASSORT
Mountain Shades Eastface Assorted Polarized 11270 ASSORT, MPN: 11270 ASSORT, UPC: 780207112705, Code: MTS-SG-28972-11270ASSORT
Mountain Shades Catalina Assorted Polarized 11273 ASSORT, MPN: 11273 ASSORT, UPC: 780207112736, Code: MTS-SG-28972-11273ASSORT
Mountain Shades Nasby Assort Polarized 11257 ASSORT, MPN: 11257 ASSORT, UPC: 780207112576, Code: MTS-SG-28972-11257ASSORT
Mountain Shades Rampart Assorted Polarzied 11263 ASSORT, MPN: 11263 ASSORT, UPC: 780207112637, Code: MTS-SG-28972-11263ASSORT
Mountain Shades St. Martin Assorted Polarized 11203 ASSORT, MPN: 11203 ASSORT, UPC: 780207112033, Code: MTS-SG-28972-11203ASSORT
Mountain Shades Sup'dude Assorted Polarized 01347 ASSORT, MPN: 01347 ASSORT, UPC: 780207013477, Code: MTS-SG-28972-01347ASSORT

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