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Bushnell or Nikon ?

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Bushnell or Nikon ?

Postby North GA on Mon Jan 12, 2009 7:21 pm

I am replacing a pair of Jason 7-15x35 binoculars. I have been looking at the Bushnell 121225 and the Nikon 7234. I just bought the Nikon 848 tripod that you suggested. It works very well on the Bushnell spotting scope and I see that both of these binoculars can be used on the tripod. The old Jasons have a diopter adjustment so I guess I will want that feature on my new binoculars. Please give me your thoughts on the selection.

North GA

Postby ET on Tue Jan 13, 2009 8:13 am

If you like 7x, you might wait till spring or so, Vortex Diamondback is offering a 7x36 then. Otherwise, just go for an 8x42. The zoom you have has not been improved upon, there are no good zoom binoculars.

All binoculars these days have a diopter adjustment.

Now I understand why not to buy zoom binoculars.

Postby North GA on Thu Jan 15, 2009 4:50 pm

Ok, I read through the forum and also on Oberwerk's web site about the problem with zoom binoculars. Now I am looking for a decent pair of general purpose binoculars not the Nikon or Bushnell zoom models I thought I wanted. I am not concerned with weight as I don't plan to carry them when hiking. They will have a perch on the front window sill so I can quickly grab them when a deer is in the field about 200 yards away. Also I would use them to spot the hoar frost and snow as it moves in on the 3000 ft. mountain about a mile away. I read on the Oberwerk site about the light gathering feature of their 60 mm binoculars and it seemed to make sense. I recently bought a 20-60x60 Bushnell spotting scope and a Nikon 848 tripod. These work fine but I would like to have a wider field of view and my wife won't let me keep the scope and tripod set up in the living room. Can the Oberwerk 12x60 binoculars be hand held for quick use? Please give me your thoughts and suggestions for a Nikon or Bushnell binocular if the Oberwerk in not the right choice. I don't see too many 60 mm binoculars offered so something must be wrong with that configuration. Please help me make a choice.
North GA

Postby Jne_K on Thu Jan 15, 2009 4:56 pm


Yes, for quick looks, a 12x will work, but you really don't gain much in detail over a 10x, but you do lose quite bit in steadiness. Personally, I see no reason for your application to use a 12x60. A convetional 10x50 will do just as well - same exit pupil, same image brightness, better steadiness, better field of view - and give you much more in the way of choices. Try a Nikon Action Extreme 10x50, for instance.
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