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Pentax vs Steiner

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Pentax vs Steiner

Postby Pablo on Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:13 pm

I am looking at upgrading my hunting binoculars, out west in Colorado. I'm looking for either 8x or 10x in no larger than 44mm
I have looked at several different options and cant really wrap my head around everything.
I have though about the Nikon Monarchs
The Steiner Merlins or the Pentax DCF SP

Weight and price wise the monarchs seem better but I realize that paying a little more for the other models will render better quality - is it worth it?
I have read that people are really happy with the Monarchs but complain about the twist out eyecups that keep twisting back down.
Haven't seen much said or complained about with the Steiners or Pentax.

What are your opinions, what else should I be looking at? I'd like to keep weight below 26oz and if possible a roof prism.

Postby Jne_K on Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:57 pm


Is it worth it is a question only you can answer, but keep in mind that a $600 bino like the Pentax SP is never twice as good as a $300 bino like the Monarch. The difference may in fact be no more than 5-10% in any single optical category. On the other hand, your are not just paying for better optics on a higher priced binocular, you are also paying for better build quality and construction. In that regard, the SP and the Merlin are tougher binos than the Monarch. The eyecup hassle on the Monarch is a case in point. You are less likely to get these issues as you move up in price.

Some of my other choices in that price range include the Leupold Pinnacles and the Bushnell e2, both well made Japanese binos like the SP. Really aren't going to make a mistake with ANY of these. It will be as much a matter of your preference as to handling and brand as it is the specs. Would have no problem recommending any of them.
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