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Are Zeiss 8x42FL the best option?

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Are Zeiss 8x42FL the best option?

Postby 270weatherbymagnum on Mon May 11, 2009 6:54 pm

Hello everybody!!

I recently bought a pair of Zeiss Victory 8x42 FL Lotutec Binos, wanting to get the very best binoculars for hunting out there, but I was undecided between them and the swarovski 8.4x42 EL, and just got the zeiss bucause of a better deal.

However I am intrigued to know if the swaros are better or which qualities have over zeiss FL Binos. Or each one qualities..

Many optics salesman that I have talked with were more inclined for swaro, but I have read better reviews for the zeiss on several forums, so i personaly feel it is more like a marketing stuff or I really don't know....

The more strong opinions found that made me go for the zeiss vs swaro is that I read that the zeiss binos are better for low light situations (more bright), but the swaros are better in daylight ( more sharp and contrast) . So I have in my mind that maybe the zeiss will perform better in whitetail/elk/bear hunting and the swaros in Africa, or daylight hunting...

I tryed both models at a big hunting store some months ago and before the purchase, but couldn't recognize any specific difference between them....

Now with my zeiss on my hands I have look to some hills in my city and I feel like I desire a little more resolution/sharpness to see at long distances 500-700 yds.

so the 100K question is will it be more easy to find a muley bedded in a shade or in the brush with the swaros?

Will it be more easy to see a buck/rack in the twilight with the zeiss?

Maybe is just a psycho issue !!!

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Re: Are Zeiss 8x42FL the best option?

Postby Jne_K on Tue May 12, 2009 6:16 am


Relax, there is no best at this level or, in fact, at any level. No bino ever scores the best in every optical and mechanical category at any price point, including this one. Differences in premium bino performance are, at best subtle and other factors, such as handling and personal preferences as to brand are typically the deciding factor. Personal preferences are an especially large factor when making a decision on a premium bino and you will find fans of every brand. You simply cannot make a mistake with either a Swarovski or a Zeiss or, for that matter, with a Leica or the new Nikon EDG and so on. Keep your Zeiss and take comfort knowing that there may be other binos as good, but nothing actually better.
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