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10x Optical comparison

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10x Optical comparison

Postby Sonicoma on Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:58 am

How would you rate/compare the optical quality of the following 10x4(x) binos:

Zeiss Conquest ABK
Vortex Razor
Leupold Golden Ring HD
Meopta Meostar
Minox HG(non APO)

I'll be using these for hunting/observation out west so I'm mostly interested in low light viewing, color, contrast, and minimizing color fringing. Since handling and feel is mostly subjective, I'm just interested in how these compare solely based on optical quality. Thanks.

Re: 10x Optical comparison

Postby Sonicoma on Fri Mar 12, 2010 6:52 pm

Would also be interested how the Nikon Premier LX-L compares with this group. I thought they had been discontinued in favor of the EDG line, but it appears that they are still being made.

Re: 10x Optical comparison

Postby Jne_K on Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:02 am


That is a bit more involved than simply stating which is best or trying to rank them. Problem, as always, with any optical comparison is to narrow it down, specifically, to the optical feature or parameter in question. You have to consider resolution, of course, but there is also contrast, edge sharpness, image brightness, color correction, flatness of field and so on. Which of these is most important to you and in which order? I can't answer that; only you can. That's why I am always skeptical of "binocular shootouts". Those numbers should never be taken too literally.

Okay, how do I like these? Of those you list, the only I have not tested is the Meopta, though I have heard only good things about it. In terms of resolution, contrast, field flatness and, especially edge sharpness (a feature that I am fussier about than most), my favorite is the Premier LX-L, but you would need to get the Minox HG (recent aspheric models) and even the Leupold HD on paper to see much difference, if any, and your eyes might score them, differently. In other words, no matter how hard you try to be objective and "scientific" about scoring, a subjective element always creeps in. For instance, every Premier LX-L I have tested is aligned so perfectly and the field is so flat with such excellent edge sharpness that there is absolutely no strain for my eyes. The Premier LX is so darn easy on the eyes that it's hard not to score them, well. That's why I own one and not the others.

That's me, though. If there is one thing I've learned from selling binoculars over the counter for so many years, it's that you can never predict how customers will see things when you you hand them some closely matched binoculars as your list, above. As always, the best test is one you perform for yourself, though I fully understand how hard that is to do, anymore.
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