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Bushnell Legend 8x42 vs. Nikon Action EX 8x40

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Bushnell Legend 8x42 vs. Nikon Action EX 8x40

Postby commodore on Tue May 25, 2010 2:51 pm

I'm looking to pick up a relatively inexpensive but decent pair of porro bins to use as an all purpose set for football games, hiking, boating, etc. and have landed on either the Bushnell Legend 8x42 or the Nikon Action EX 8x40. It seems like the reviews of the Legends are mostly positive, but I've noticed that there are almost no negative reviews for the Nikons anywhere on the internet. Many sites list the Nikons as their consumer favorite.

My question is, what makes the Nikons that much better? From looking at the specs, they have an inferior lens coating, an inferior close focus distance, and are heavier than a lot of less expensive binoculars. So what am I missing?

My only concern with the Bushnells is the housing looks kind of cumbersome and less ergonomic than most. But they do look built to last. I haven't been able to see a pair in person so I'm just going off of the photos.

I appreciate the info.

Re: Bushnell Legend 8x42 vs. Nikon Action EX 8x40

Postby Jne_K on Wed May 26, 2010 8:03 am


Absolutely nothing wrong with the Bushnell Legend porro. I have always been impressed with the value on this porro. Lot of binocular for the dollar. As for the handling, that is something that you will just have to try before you judge, but I did not find the handling to be objectionable in any way when I held one. Really very typical porro.

As for Nikon, you always get a lot of optical performance for the dollar and that is one reason for Nikon's position in the binocular market. At the price of an AE, you don't get the quality control of Nikon's higher end stuff, but, in my experience, at any given price point, Nikon quality control tends to be very good and typically a cut above the rest at these lower price points.

That said, I don't think you will see much difference on these two as for performance, though the Nikon may be a touch sharper at the edge of the field. Be hard to beat either one for value.
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