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Are Steiner bins still made in Germany

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Re: Are Steiner bins still made in Germany

Postby Jne_K on Mon May 30, 2011 9:43 am


That I cannot verify as Steiner usually does not specifically mark their binoculars with country of origin, a la "made in ..." Most low end Steiners at this price simply say, Steiner, Germany, so take that anyway you want to take it. Yes, I've heard conflicting rumors on the low end Steiners, but I'm not in a position to verify any of them beyond what is marked on the binoculars. Besides, in this day and age of global manufacturing and sourcing of parts for just about everything, not to mention a huge range of regulation as to how products are labeled as to country of origin, just what does it mean when any binocular says "made in country x"? The fact is, it is exceedingly rare for any binocular to be 100% made and assembled in one factory in one country. As to those Steiners, they have a good track record for value, reliability and performance, so take it from there.
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