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Compact Travel 8x20 vs 10x25

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Compact Travel 8x20 vs 10x25

Postby Gahzilla on Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:39 pm

I will be traveling to Japan for a month and was looking for a good pair of compact binoculars. This will be my first real binoculars and was looking for one that I would be happy with for a long time. After much scouring and reading I think I have decided on the Nikon Premier line. Seeing as I don't have first hand use of the 8x20 versus 10x25 was looking for some expert opinions. I know the 8 zoom will be steadier than the 10. I also saw that if on the sea the 8 would be preferred, assuming due to the ability to hold steadier.

I have perfect vision(no glasses) and was looking for opinion on whether the 8x20 or the 10x25 would be the better all around? Also to note the 8 is slightly smaller than the 10 is the difference when placing in a pocket/pack noticeable?


Re: Compact Travel 8x20 vs 10x25

Postby Jne_K on Sun Sep 04, 2011 2:09 pm


Great choice. I've always said the Premier LX compact is the best buy going on a premium compact binocular and it is, very definitely, a premium compact binocular. I know, I own the Premier LX 10x25, along with Swarovski, Leica and Zeiss compacts.

In general, yes, if this is your first compact, the 8x is going to be easier to steady and steadiness is an issue with compacts. It takes some experience to handle a 10x in a compact and be comfortable with it. That said, I own the 10x25 Premier LX, for several reasons. One, that bit extra magnification and, especially, 25mm objective gets you more resolution than an 8x20. That's important in a compact where you are already sacrificing some performance by merely opting for a compact. Two, I like the balance of the longer barrels on a 10x25 roof. This does aid a bit in steadiness. An 8x20 roof, even in my hands, has a tendency to disappear in the hands and sometimes wobble a bit. A 10x25 roof just feels more like a full size binocular to me. Third, on this one, with the focuser in front, the 10x25 lets my pinkie rest right on the focusing wheel. On the 8x20, I have to it clench my fingers to get the pinkie on the focusing wheel.

Yes, the 10x25 is noticeably larger than the 8x20. You could still fir it in a pocket - a large pocket - but if space is a real concern, the 8x20 is a better choice.
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