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Accuracy of Bin Stats

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Accuracy of Bin Stats

Postby Black Crow on Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:06 am

I've purchased about 9 pair of binoculars in the last couple of months. Overall I've been amazed at the optical quality I've gotten for $1-200 or so. Of course some of these have been specials due to closeouts etc. but still. However I have come across one issue that bugs me. The quality of the posted statistics. Often they are inaccurate. For example the Sightron SII Bluesky 8x32. The stats for these aren't even close in the area of Close Focus, FOV, Weight and maybe more. Had I not gotten some information otherwise on an optics forum I would never have considered this great binocular which is one of my best and is way undervalued. I e-mailed and called the company several times trying to get the stats but never got one response. Not a good sign as to the warranty service you will get but that's another issue. I just purchased another pair of inexpensive compacts that stated on several web sites that they were water and fog proof. After I ordered them I found several more web sites that said they are neither. So I may end up getting something I really don't want.

So what's up with this? It's not an unusual occurrence in my searches. Who validates and verifies these stats anyway and how does one insure the accuracy of the stats they are getting? Thanks and I hate to start off my posting here with a complaint.
Black Crow
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Re: Accuracy of Bin Stats

Postby Steven_L on Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:48 pm

Stats are given by the manufacturer and are supposed to be trusted. Some ammo won't reach specified velocities. Some cars won't reach specified top speeds. Some binoculars may not have a specified field of view. Descriptions on websites are given to dealers and distributors by the makers, and that's what is published. Certain other factors apply. If you are nearsighted or farsighted and have to adjust your ocular for a clear picture, your close focus may be different than given specs. If your barrel is worn or short you may not reach specified velocities. If your pellet gun is new and not broken in or you're using heavier pellets than what was tested with, you won't reach specified speeds. Sometimes there are obvious mistakes, but manufacturers generally do the best they can to be accurate.
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