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Nikon action binoculars

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Nikon action binoculars

Postby CDonoso. on Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:47 pm

Since 2 weeks i have been researching about the binocular that suits better for birdwatching-basic astronomical view.
Now i have in mind Nikon action 16x50 and Nikon action 10-22x50 but iam not sure wich one to chose.
You could make me the question ¿why are you considering only nikon binoculars?...well, is it because i had bought nikon trailblazer10x50 binocular and i am very happy with them.
For decide between the binoculars you should consider that zoom binoculars lose image clarity when you zoom something.Instead a binocular fixed with that power dont have this problem.
I would like to now if this efect on zoom binoculars its realy a problem or not.
If you can help me to decide, giving me your opinion or experience i would aprecciate a lot.

Expecting your answer


Re: Nikon action binoculars

Postby Jne_K on Fri Feb 17, 2012 8:45 am


I would not recommend a zoom for both optical and mechanical reasons. Zoom are always inferior in both categories to fixed power binoculars. Field of view, resolution, contrast and reliability are always poor compared to a fixed power binocular.

The 16x50 would make a good astronomy binocular - if you mount it on a tripod for the sake of steadiness and if you are willing to accept the short eye relief and narrow field of view. It would have to be used in the same way for birdwatching - on a tripod. It would not take the place of a spotting scope, but it would give you a little more detail than your 10x50 for birds at a distance. For serious birding, I would recommend moving right into a spotting scope on a tripod and skip the 16x50. That will show you much m,ore in the way of distant birds.
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Re: Nikon action binoculars

Postby bman940 on Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:43 am

CD, I agree with J. Having something multipurpose, especially for what you want to use them for is going to be difficult. Moving right into a Spotter will give you the best of both worlds. A good spotter is important for bird watching and can also be very useful for star gazing. Nikon's new PROSTAFF 5 82 mm spotter maybe just what you need. Excellent light gathering and field of view. A friend who is a world renowned bird watcher also say's the angled lens makes it easier to see looking into tree's and the skies. I do think owning a good pair of bino's is important as well for day hike's and general nature watching. I have looked at the 16x50 bino's before and I can tell you that you will definitely want them on a tripod.
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