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Leica Ultravid HD 7x42 or Zeiss Victory FL 7x42?

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Leica Ultravid HD 7x42 or Zeiss Victory FL 7x42?

Postby Colonial12 on Sun May 27, 2012 2:25 pm

Which do you prefer in a 7x42 size: Leica Ultravid HD 7x42 or Zeiss Victory FL 7x42? The Leica seems to have better contrast and a tad sharper image, plus they are smaller. The Zeiss seems brighter with a larger field of view. Plus the eyecups on the Zeiss seem more comfortable. Also, the Leica's seem better made. Thanks!

Re: Leica Ultravid HD 7x42 or Zeiss Victory FL 7x42?

Postby Jne_K on Sun May 27, 2012 7:58 pm


Yes, I agree, the Leicas are mechanically better, but, then, I have yet to see a binocular made the way a Leica is. They truly are built like a fine watch, or, well, gee, a Leica M camera. Not to say the Zeiss won't last you several lifetimes, but the Leica is in a class by itself in terms of construction.

Optically, just going to boil down to what specific optical criteria mean the most to you. Leicas are known for their extraordinary contrast, but in terms of low light performance, Zeiss is now the one in a class by itself, thanks to their lens coatings. Take a Zeiss out at dusk and compare a Zeiss to anything else and you will see the difference. Most of the Zeiss Victory FLs I have seen also have had flatter fields than the Leicas.

Of course, what a problem to have trying to pick between these two great binoculars. Best of luck.
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