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planning an arctic cruise, which binoculars are recommended?

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planning an arctic cruise, which binoculars are recommended?

Postby tpfeiffer on Sun Sep 12, 2004 1:26 pm

I am going on a cruise to the arctic and am wondering about which binoculars would be best to take. I want something that is quite powerful yet able to be used without additional support. They should also be as light and as small as possible because of luggage constraints. Let me know what you think. T

Postby on Sun Sep 12, 2004 5:06 pm

Hi T

Thank you for your interest in

An arctic cruise sounds like a wonderful experience. Congratulations.

For a trip to the arctic, a binocular with the following features would be ideal:

First and the most obvious, it must be waterproof and fog proof. Going back and forth, indoors and outdoors, in a humid, cold climate will tax the seals on a binocular, even if it is not directly exposed to moisture.

Second, a magnification of 8x would be easiest to steady, especially if you observe from the deck of a ship. In theory, a 10x would provide more detail, but in the field, there is no significant difference between the two and the 8x would be more comfortable to handle.

Third, a large focusing wheel will be a plus if you are wearing gloves.

Fourth, an 8x30 or 8x32 will give you all the performance you need and still be small enough and light enough to pack.

Highly recommended from a friend who took a similar trip is the Leica 8x32 BN, Another possibility would be the Leica Duovid which will give you the option of 8x or 12x in the same instrument, ... -bino.html.
Another great choice would be the Swarovski 8x32 EL, ... ulars.html. All of these mentioned are lifetime quality investments.

Some more affordable, though still excellent choices are the Nikon Premier LX 8x32, ... ulars.html and the Pentax 8x32 DCF SP,,

If you would like to discuss these choices or any others from our website, please feel free to contact us.

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