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digital binoculars - what u see is what u photo

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digital binoculars - what u see is what u photo

Postby tamar on Sat Sep 18, 2004 8:03 am

i would like to purchase a pair of digital binoculars. it is for birdwatching, mainly. the main feature that is important to me is that what you see in the binoculars is exactly what u take photo of.
could you please advise.


Postby on Sat Sep 18, 2004 9:53 am

Hi Tamar

Thank you for your interest in

Yes, digital binoculars allow you to take a picture of the image you see in the binocular. Most of the time that will be 8x or 10x, depending on the model of the digital bino you choose.

I’m a birder myself and have been also thinking of a digital binocular, probably for the same reasons as you - it would be nice to have a picture of a good bird now and then. For real close-ups, I use my spotting scope (still the best way to go for serious bird photos), but it seems that I always spot that rare bird when the spotting scope is at home! In the field, I carry my regular binos for all my birding, but will soon add a compact digital bino in my pack to confirm a good sighting. For this use, any of the compact digital binos we carry here at will work.

If you plan to use your digital binocular as your only instrument, I would advise something large enough to deliver good optical performance for your birding. Any of the 8x30 or 8x32 digital binos are a good choice, but the new Bushnell Instant Replay 8x32 LCD,, has so many neat photo features it is hard to pass up. The really best choice, though, in a do it all instrument is the Meade 8x42 CaptureView ... b1005.html.

If you have any questions on birding or optics, please let me know.

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