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binocular repair

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binocular repair

Postby gerojd@yahoo.com on Wed Sep 29, 2004 1:37 pm

Good Afternoon,

My father bought some binoculars a while back and he wants to know if he sends them to you, you would be able to fix them. He says that the zoom on them broke.

Legacy 8-24*50
4.7degrees at 8x

Please write back to me and tell me if you can fix them, if there is a cost, and where I need to send them to.


Postby opticsplanet.com on Thu Sep 30, 2004 10:38 am


A search on the internet for binocular reapir will pull up literally dozens of repair places. Here are just a few of the ones I found. Please keep in mind that I cannot verify the quality of any of these as I have not used them personally.

AP-TS, Inc Camera Repair", http://www.ap-ts.com/
Archinal Camera Repair, http://members.aol.com/archcam/index.htm
Arkansas Camera & video, http://www.nwark.com/acv/
Bob's One Hour Photo and Camera Repair, http:/www.bobsphoto.com
C.R.I.S., http://www.criscam.com
Camera Care, http://www.cameracare.com
Camera Repair Associates, http://www.cet.com/~mwalters/camera/camera.htm
Camera Repair by Ed Romney, http://www.edromney.com
Effective Exposure, http://netmar.com/~coby/
Fargo Enterprise, http://www.fargo-ent.com/index.html
Kwanon SA, http://www.kwanon.com.ar

Mirakel Optical Co., Inc.
331 Mansion St.
West Coxsackie, NY 12192-9717
888-647-2535 or 518-731-2610

Minox Processing Laboratories, http://www.minoxlab.com/
Monk Repair, http://www.monkoptics.co.uk/repairs.htm,
Morgantown Camera and Video Repair, http://www.mcvr.com
Photo-Tech Camera Service Inc, http://www.photech.com
Photo Tech Repair Service Inc., http://www.phototech.com
Precision Camera and Video Repair, Inc.", http://world.std.com/~pcvr/
Ross Yerkes, http://www.deerpro.com/camera/
Shutter Works Inc., http://www.shutterworks.com
UltraFlat, http://www.venturablvd.com/lao/ultraflat/
United Camera & Binocular Repair Corp, http://www.unitedcamera.com/
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