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Porro vs roof

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Porro vs roof

Postby confused on Fri Oct 08, 2004 10:27 pm

I am having a difficult time choosing between the different prism types. Every "help" article says porros are better for depth of field and roof for compactness. How can I judge the value of depth of field? I know compactness is important to us, but what am I giving up for about 1 inch of size in a 8 power compact? The principal applications are concert and general travel.

Postby on Sun Oct 10, 2004 3:36 pm


Thank you for your interest in

Depth of field is a concern for specific applications such as butterfly watching and some types of birding where you will be observing objects at close range (where depth of field is most critical) that are constantly moving. Depth of field will not be a factor for a general use binocular or a travel binocular.

Your choice of porro or roof prism should be determined by which feels best in your hand. Some people prefer the feel of a porro, but many others prefer the feel of a roof prism. Either prism type in a quality binocular will serve you well as a travel binocular or general use binocular.
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Postby ranburr on Tue Feb 22, 2005 2:25 pm

Porro vs Roof should be based on what environments you will be in. Roof are generally better for hunters and birders who get down and dirty. Roofs are smaller, more rugged, waterproof and often lighter. The only real advantage that porros have is the fact that they are cheaper to make. Thus a $500.00 porro typically has better optics than a $500.00 roof.