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pentax pcf vs dcf

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pentax pcf vs dcf

Postby lvpinaustin on Tue Oct 12, 2004 2:56 pm

can you tell me the difference in these style / model pcf vs dcf pentaxs,
what causes large price difference, both wp
I want to watch a pair of osprey across the river (300 yds)

Pentax DCF vs PCF

Postby on Tue Oct 12, 2004 5:55 pm


Both of the Pentax binocular series - the DCF and PCF - will allow you to view ospreys across the river. The price difference between the two Pentax binocular series is a matter of the type of prisms used in each.

The Pentax PCF binocular series uses a porro prism. This gives the binocular the familiar dogleg shape of the traditional binocular. Porro prisms offer good performance at a reasonable price, but produce a binocular that is larger and bulkier than a comparable roof prism binocular.

The Pentax DCF binocular series uses a roof prism. The roof prism design is sleek and compact and most, but not all, people prefer the comfort this type of prism provides in a binocular. However, to build a roof prism binocular to the same optical standards as a porro prism binocular is more expensive.
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