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how to choose...

Postby Viviana on Mon Nov 22, 2004 2:31 pm

I was thinking of giving my husband a pair of binoculars for christmas. But then I see all these brands and specifications and I´m not sure what they mean. We have a boat, and part of my reason to give him this is for him to use them in the ocean, but I also want something that can be used any other place... Sighting, sports, traveling...etc. Can you recommend me something PLEASE!!!
My husband knows a little about binoculars and I really want to impress him with my gift.

Postby on Mon Nov 22, 2004 5:07 pm

Hi Viviana

A binocular designed to be used on a boat is called a marine binocular. A marine binocular is traditionally a waterproof 7x50. The 7 indicates a 7 magnification binocular and the 50 indicates 500mm front lenses. This combination has proven to be the easiest to use on the deck of a boat that is constantly in motion due to waves and wind.

A good 7x50 marine binocular can also be used for land observation, expecially if it is a center focus model. The only negative for this use is the size - a 7x50 is a large binocular, but not so large that it would be too heavy to be worn around the neck.

Here are some excellent marine binoculars at varying price points:
*Bushnell Trident 7x50,
*Canon 15x50 AW, - this binocular has a high tech stabilization system - these are individual focus binoculars. They will work fine on land if you are observing at distances longer than thirty yards. They are inconvenient to use at ranges of less than thirty yards.
*Nikon Sports&Marine 7x50, ... ulars.html
*Steiner 7x50 Navigator, ... gator.html
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