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Which birdwatching binoculars? Help!!!!

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Which birdwatching binoculars? Help!!!!

Postby Baxter on Mon Nov 24, 2003 1:42 pm

I'm looking for a good quality pair of binoculars that I can take to The Gambia, so waterproof or rainproof would probably be a good idea. Any suggestions or recomendations would be gratefully received. Also, why the hell can't we have a fantastic commercial site like this in England? You don't have to answer this. I already know the answer.

Postby Admin on Thu Nov 27, 2003 1:06 am


Thank you very much for your interest in our binocular products and for the warm comments about our web site!
We have a lot of waterproof binoculars from the best binocular manufacturers in world.
IMHO, Swarovski makes the best binoculars in world. We sell a lot of them, and we never ever had a return of a Swarovski spotting scope or Swarovski binoculars. If money is not an object, Swarovski is our suggestion for avid birdwatchers, hunters, and world travelers. Kahles binoculars quality is also superb. We love bright optics of Nikon binoculars. Waterproof Pentax binoculars -UCF, DCF, and PCF series - are great and very popular among birdwatching community.
We supply Steiner binoculars and Bausch & Lomb Binoculars. Minolta, Bushnell, Tasco, and Oberwerk binoculars give you a good value for your money and offer wide selection of water-proof binocular models.
All the manufactures we suggest here stand behind their products, and since we are an Authorized distributor for them, the warranty is always there if something goes wrong.

As far the size, you probably want to have something compact and light.
You do not want high maginification as you want the image to be stable, and we do not recommend binoculars above 8x/10x magnification for extended use without a tripod.
binoculars above 8x power is what we normally recommend.
If you want to get compact binoculars and plan to use them at day time, go with something like 8x25. If you plan to use your binoculars in low light conditions, then you might to step up to 40mm objective lens, to get more light in your binoculars, but keep the size relativly compact.

I am not sure if I am helping here with your binocular selection - you have so many options ;-)
Read our "How to buy binoculars" article ... lars.shtml
and try to narrow it down.
A lot of people prefer some specific binoculars brand. See how much you spend - in most cases with brand name optics you get what you pay for.
We need to know a little bit more about your application and budget to give you a better advice.
Read about some binoculars reviews and bestsellers here
Our birdwatching binoculars section is here
and feel free to email us with any questions.

BTW, we do have a lot of happy customers in England and do ship to UK almost every day. Just make sure to follow our international orders instructions here

Best Regards
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