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oberwerk 11x56 and 9x60

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oberwerk 11x56 and 9x60

Postby titianmom on Mon Jun 06, 2005 10:00 am

Hello, Could you tell me the exact weight of both of these? I'm trying to choose btwn them and some sites give a diff weight than you folks do! I'm assuming they're close in weight but I'll be working with an 8 yo, so weight counts. I'm trying to find the largest hand-held I can for both of us to use.

THe conditions we'll be viewing under are very good (mtns of northern WV; low light pollution/pollution period). I'm assuming that I'll want to take advantage of the FOV and exit pupil of the abv binos. My only other concern is eye relief. I wear glasses and I'm hoping 16mm will be good enough should I choose the 9x60s.

I need inexpensive ones that can be hand-held. If you think other brands are better for the money and will still give me the FOV, exit pupil and eye relief I seek (comp to the above), feel free to pass it on! (Anything under $150.)

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Postby on Tue Jun 07, 2005 7:38 am


16mm should be adequate, even if you have glasses with thick, glass lenses.

As to weight, there will not be a significant difference between the 11x56 or 9x60. The 11x56 is listed at 2.25 pounds (36 oz) and the 9x60 at 2.3 pounds (37 oz).
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