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eotech xps lens covers

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eotech xps lens covers

Postby alteon180e on Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:59 pm

happy new year :mrgreen:
i know GG&G makes lens covers for certain eotech models. not sure if there are any that fit the xps2/3 series. i have xps2-0 on order. just wondering if anyone has tried installing lens covers like gg&g
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Re: eotech xps lens covers

Postby Mark H on Mon Jan 11, 2010 5:25 pm

I have installed the GG&G covers on my 512. GG&G provides a tool to remove the four screws holding the "roll bar" in place. with the screws removed, the roll bar slides off, the cover slips into place inside the roll bar (the cover is one piece, with two hinged, spring loaded covers) and then the roll bar/covers are put back on the optic and the screws are replaced. DO NOT LOSE THE SCREWS. Don't ask how I know...

GG&G provides a couple of adhesive-backed dots, you place one on the top of the roll bar and when the rear cover flips up, it doesn't make a noise when it impacts the roll bar. The front stops at horizontal and works like the bill on a baseball cap, a sort of "pseudo-sunshade".

It's nice to have the tool left over. Put it in a baggie, and mark it with a sharpie marker, or you'll forget what it's for.

I believe GG&G offers a model with claymore-like lettering on the front: "THIS SIDE TOWARDS ENEMY". A sense of humor is a good thing.

Mark H.
Mark H