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Recommended Sights/Optics for SIG556 DMR

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Recommended Sights/Optics for SIG556 DMR

Postby Searching for Sight on Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:04 pm

I am looking for recommendations for/against for sights/optics for a SIG556 DMR for target shooting and long range plinking.

Red dot most likely, but any advice appreciated. Also, any info on foldable front/rear sights.
Searching for Sight

Re: Recommended Sights/Optics for SIG556 DMR

Postby Steven_L on Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:36 pm

Happens to be the same recommendations I just gave the last poster. Try the OPMOD EXPS-2. This is the new small EOTech with the transverse, single 123 battery. It is not night vision compatible, so you save money there. For folding sights, Troy makes arguably the best sets out there.
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Re: Recommended Sights/Optics for SIG556 DMR

Postby on Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:10 pm

I recently bought a sig 556 swat. It came with their diopter sights which I love but it also came with a fixed front sight. I purchased a CP1 Prismatic optical sight (also made by Sig) but the issue I ran into is that I was experiencing "co-witnessing" when trying to zero my rifle.

After a few times on the range, I purchased MBUS flip up sights which I can use if needed but in order to use them, I need to remove the CP1.

If your desire is to be able to use either optical or cqb iron sights, you will need to buy a "spacer" to elevate your optics such as this sight: ... 041&sr=8-3

or ... =1-1-fkmr1

or get a quick release for the optics (although I wouldn't recommend the quick release because every time I tried that, I had to re-zero the sight).

The best option I can recommend is a combination optical and red dot sight like the

Re: Recommended Sights/Optics for SIG556 DMR

Postby CallMaker_ on Sun May 20, 2012 9:15 pm

The Nikon P223 3x9 would be my choice if you wish to do long range shooting. Mounted with the excellent Nikon mounts. Together with the Nikom ballistic program you can match the scope to any load for distances to 600 yards.
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Re: Recommended Sights/Optics for SIG556 DMR

Postby m13579 on Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:25 pm

I have the same rifle and selected the Millett 4-16x50mm Tactical Rifle Scope for all around use and target shooting. For longer shots, I'm considering the Millett 6-25X56mm LRS-1 Rifle Scope (BK81007) but so far this is a great scope.

I was originally saving for a more expensive piece of glass, but was leery of the "Made in China" stamp given the experiences I have had looking through other cheap glass from China. I was impressed when friends in my club offered high praise for Millett scopes and their generous warranty - any issues, send it in and they'll fix it. After hearing about other's experiences, looking at the quality of other Millett scopes (several friends have their scopes for hunting and long range target), reading several reviews on line and looking through it myself, I decided to get order one.

Best decision I made.

This scope is on par with scopes costing much more and with no discernible improvement or benefit over the Millett. After zeroing it at 25yd, I've had very good performance on the 100yd target line and longer shots. I plan on trying it out on longer shots, but so far, the Millett is a champ. It's easy to zero, set and adjust and maintains zero solidly. I haven't had to re-sight the scope since attaching it.

Overall, a solid performer that's easy to use with Japanese quality glass, very good eye relief and a lifetime warranty. (I know friends who have used the warranty on other Millett scopes and say that they're very professional and quick to repair any issue.) I have friends who are considering this for their Scout 308 rifles as it's clear, clean and accurate. Ever since Millett was purchased by Bushnell, I've seen a few sales on these scopes and others in the Gold line, so shop around.... but you'll likely purchase through their support and shipping is top notch.

I suggest that you use a single mount with two rings to get the stability and likely high rings given the size of the scope. I found I get adequate clearance with the Millett Scope Mount and Pro Mag AR15 Flat Top mount (PM067A) but also would consider the Vortex 30mm Cantilever mount. If quick removal is important, there is no substitute for GG&G's AC-30 Accucam QD - pricey but worth every penny.
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