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Barska 25mm DC Red Dot Scope w/ Dual Color Reticle PROBLEM?

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Barska 25mm DC Red Dot Scope w/ Dual Color Reticle PROBLEM?

Postby DuckRyder on Tue Jun 20, 2006 3:57 pm


I ordered and just received this red/green dot sight.

I plan to mount the scope on a SKS rifle, which I have not done yet.

However; In looking through the scope the dot appears ragged, instead of one dot it looks like a little 8-10 shot group with a red or green light behind it. In other words, the dot appears to be made up of quite a few smaller dots and is somewhat oval. The red dot appears slightly better than the green although the effect is quite noticeable on either one at any brightness.

This is my first dot type of scope and I am not sure if this is typical of not.

I read a posting else where in which a gentleman indicated that he had an astigmatism and could not use all but the very best red dots. I do have an astigmatism and was not aware that this was a problem.

The rifle really does not lend itself to mounting a conventional scope very well, at least without gunsmithing, which I am unwilling to do on this particular weapon.

So, can someone tell me if this scope is defective, or is this due to my eye sight or the nature of the red dot sights.

Postby on Wed Jun 21, 2006 7:11 am


It is the nature of most red dots to be a little fuzzy, especially at this price point, but you should not be seeing multiple dots or bloated circle. I'd suggest returning the red dot and replacing it, preferrably with something with a little better quality.

The Nikon Monarch, is definitely a step up in quality, but also price. Although not a word associated with high quality, the Tasco Propoint, has been around for years and is one of the most proven red dots. I'd rate it as better than the Barska.
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Postby DuckRyder on Wed Jun 21, 2006 5:05 pm

Thanks Joanie

I guess I need to call and see what you guys/gals can do for me.

I took this scope to the range today, and it is impossible to see the dot in shooting conditions. Perhaps a red dot is not for me. I wonder if the ATN Digital Ultra Sight Reflex Scope would be a better choice, or just as hard to see.

If you had the option of the ATN or the Nikon, and desired usage is outside in the daytime, which would be your choice? Keeping in mind the Nikon is double the price I paid for the rifle, although it has appreciated and is probably worth a bit more than the sight now.

Honestly, I think I need to reevaluate mounting a conventional scope of some sort. Perhaps one of the ATN scopes.

This is the mount that I will be using, any scopes that might work well here?




Thanks in advance for your time...