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First Red Dot Scope comparison

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First Red Dot Scope comparison

Postby lmchiao on Fri Nov 03, 2006 11:39 am

Hi. Satisfied customer looking for some suggestions. I've recently purchased a Buck Mark .22 pistol with wever mounts and was interested in getting a Red Dot scope (perused your forum). I was wondering about the pros/cons of an open sight like the ATN models verses a more traditional (tasco) style sight. Do you have any suggestions? It will be my first sight and i'm not looking to invest a lot into it yet.
Thanks in advance.

Postby Steven_L on Fri Nov 03, 2006 11:43 am

Hi John,

Regarding inexpensive red dots for a .22, anything in the $50.00 range will work just fine. Choose the scope by the shape and color and manufacturer that you would prefer for one reason or another and you'll be fine. Recoil is not an issue, and quality level is more than adequate for your pistol with scopes of this value. Moving up in price to a propoint will give you more durability, but that is rarely an issue for a plinking .22. An open sight such as the ATN reflex sights are more unorthodox looking, but not really any better or any worse than any other sight in its price range. For your Buckmark, check out these sights in different price ranges, but remember, all but the very least expensive sights will serve you fine for your application. If you want to spend more money for sights with different reticles or colors of dots, by all means, do it. These are some good choices.

Bushnell 1x28 Trophy Red Dot Sight

Tasco Red Dot 1x42mm 5 MOA Matte Rifle Scope

Tasco ProPoint 1x30 Red Dot Rifle Scope

ATN Ultra Sight Red Dot Reflex Sight
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