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ATN Digital Ultra Sight Reflex Scope

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ATN Digital Ultra Sight Reflex Scope

Postby ocroop on Wed May 02, 2007 6:00 am

I wondered iff the ATN Digital Ultra Sight Reflex Scope is strong enaugh for military tactical use where he can get some pushes( from small to someting bigger...). What is the concrete difference with the scope AT-RD-ULTRASIGHT?

Postby Jne_K on Wed May 02, 2007 6:01 am


The digital Ultra has a digital controls instead of the dial controls on the standard Ultra.

For combat, I would recommend spending the money on something more durable. The reflex/holo/red dot sight of choice in Iraq is the EOTech 511A65 (N battery) or 512A65 (AA battery), EOTech HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight 510 ( 511 - M511 / 512 - M512 ) with Scopecoat Protective Cover. This sight is specifically designed for combat use and has an excellent track record. Well worth the money.
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Re: ATN Digital Ultra Sight Reflex Scope

Postby Sgt on Wed May 26, 2010 4:55 pm

Ive deployed and used the Eotech and will not deny they're the best reflex on the market, BUT they are unrealistically expensive for any use outside military/law enforcement purposes.. To answer your question: the ATN is well suited for mild/moderate tactical use. I wouldnt use it assault climbing, or for amphibious operations but will it prove to be reliable for civilian/home defense use. The reticle can get a bit hazy a full brightness but i have yet to use mine at this setting, even during the brightest of days. With a 2 MOA reticle and multiple reticle settings, this optic is the best for the price tag.