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simmons 40 mm red dot scope for a barnett relvolution cross-

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simmons 40 mm red dot scope for a barnett relvolution cross-

Postby on Fri Aug 19, 2005 8:23 am

I recently purchased a 40 mm simmons red dot rifle scope for my cross-
bow thinking it doesn't matter with how big the r.d. scope i.e.40 mm
& when I received it & tried to put it on,the universal rail was to big for the dove-tail rail on my cross-bow.Now I'm thinking I should of went with a 30 mm simmons red dot scope.The dove-tail rail on my cross-bow is
1/2 " wide & 4 1/4 "long.Should I try & find a way to use the 40 mm
r.d. scope by looking for different r.d. scope mounts or send the 40 mm
r.d.scope back & purchase the 30 mm r.d. scope.Does the 30 mm r.d. scope have a universal rail compatible to my cross-bow ? THANKS
Milton Hathcock

Postby sales@opticsplanet,com on Thu Aug 25, 2005 6:12 pm


Think I answered this one in a previous email, but it is an excellent question. Here was my response:

"Red dot sights come in two mount sizes - 7/8" (standard weaver base) and
3/8" (for 22 rifles with a grooved receiver). The 30mm, 40mm you are
referring to has nothing to do with the the mount. These numbers indicate
the size of the red dot tube when you look through it. The larger the tube,
the bigger the picture, so to speak.

If your crossbow is an actuall scope mount base, it will be either the 7/8"
or 3/8". If it is not an actual scope base, you will not be able to add a
red dot or other scope to it. Check with Barnett if ou are not sure.

From your measurement, I suspect you need a 3/8" (22 red dot). All red dot
and holo sights are the 7/8" unless specifically listed as a 22. For a 22,
try the BSA RD30-22, ... ights.html or the
Tasco, "

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