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Canted cross (X) hairs

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Canted cross (X) hairs

Postby Will Munny on Tue Jun 05, 2007 10:58 am

I purchased an ATN Digital Ultra Sight (digital) The one that has five (5) reticle patterns. I haven't mounted it yet. I put the battery in and turned it on and all of the patterns look canted except the dot. The dot in the center has no beginning or end no virt or horz lines . You know what I'm talking about (cant screw up A dot.) I put it on A flat level surface (kitchen counter) I made sure there was no contact with the mounting screws or anything else. FLAT!! I backed away from it simulating approx eye relief (its going on an SKS) and it still looks canted. Is this common?? will it some how straighten it self out?? Ive used high power scopes for my whole life( T-36 Leupold MKII M4) this is my first red dot experience I don't know if its starting out well?? I swore Id never touch an AR M16 M4 after I rotated out of the military. I was shot twice in 91 and twice in 05 because my weapon malfunctioned (M4) Then I screamed loud enough to be issued an M14 all I can say is AWESOME!!! talk about anchoring someone to the ground. Very effective!! The guys at the club all shoot AR's in the run and gun events. My mission now is to wax them with an $150.00 SKS!! It shoots very good with open sights but A red dot will speed things up immensely. PLEASE HELP Any suggestions would be greatly appreated.......THANKS .......Will......
Will Munny
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Postby Steven_L on Wed Jun 06, 2007 4:43 pm

Your eyes aren't crooked. Send it back, your unit is crooked. Try a proven unit like this ProPoint. They've been proven in competition and are probably the best values in a good red dot out there.
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