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sunglasses with writing or prints on the lenses

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sunglasses with writing or prints on the lenses

Postby Joeneedsinfo on Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:11 pm

Trying to find out any info about how they do the writing and prints on sunglasses. Can you see through it? Can you give me info on where this is done? who does it? and how its done? Can it be used the same as one way glass for security? Any info would help.

Re: sunglasses with writing or prints on the lenses

Postby larumd on Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:50 pm

Hello and thanks for the post. In most cases you cannot see through the writing and prints. Ray-Ban for example will puts the "RB" on the lenses and this is done with paint of some kind. You can't see through logos of those kind. There is a model that has cool patterns on the lenses and you can see through them. Take a look at the Tory Burch Tory Aviator Sunglasses TY6006. The pictures don't do them justice but the lenses have a Tory Burch logo in the mirror coating. You can even see right through it.

This is a proprietary technique that no manufacturer will tell me about. They are afraid I will give their secrets away on a public forum. I can only say that it's a filter that is quite similar to mirror coating. In regards to a security solution I thinks that's a great idea. I am sorry I wasn't able to tell you more about how it's done.

Sorry I couldn't help more.
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