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Cats 5000 vs. Dawn Patrol?

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Cats 5000 vs. Dawn Patrol?

Postby Leo on Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:34 am

Hey guys,
So I'm torn between getting 2 shades:
The Ray Ban "Cats 5000" Polarized
The Maui Jim "Dawn Patrol"(which is apparently polarized by nature)

The thing that's making me lean more for the Maui Jim is that it has Polarized + Color enhanced GLASS lenses, and apparently the frame is corrosion proof.

(If you know a bit about sunglasses you'll know that plastic shades tend to corrode over time form (ironically sunlight) and that they break on you eventually)

Anyways, any help or opinions appreciated!

Help from people who actually own one of the two shades is GREATLY appreciated!

Here are links to both sunglasses:

RB Cats 5000:
Maui Jim DP:

Thanks again! :D


P.S. Does "Crystal Green Lenses" on the Cats 5000 also mean that they're glass or are they one of those Polycarbonate fiasco type things?
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Re: Cats 5000 vs. Dawn Patrol?

Postby larumd on Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:15 pm


Tahnks for the post. You'll notice people have tried to compare the two brands in this forum for a while. When Ray-Ban uses the term Crystal it does mean glass. I own a few Ray-Ban's and they are all polarized. I have never experienced a lens breakdown. I don't own any Maui Jim's but I have the pleasure of selling the prescription and non-prescription products daily. From either brand I have never seen corrosion in my 3 years in the optical field.

You have a very hard decision ahead of you. Both brands have such renown for quality and superior optics. Maui Jim Sunglasses offers the spirit of Aloha, the sport style of sun wear. Every lens is polarized in the 4 colors they offer. I love their advanced technology and superior coatings. If you want the sports look they would be your choice.

I would call Ray-Ban the classy/ business brand. With a full collection of sturdy frames matched with many colors with with mirror and or AR coatings there is something for everyone.

If you can do it, own one pair of each with different lens colors and frame style.

Good Luck.
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