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Lens for Meade ETX-125 PE

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Lens for Meade ETX-125 PE

Postby sparky on Fri May 22, 2009 4:50 pm

I am very new to this hobby. Im 27 years old and the last time I looked through a scope I was about 8 or 9 and it was a cheap walmart one that I probably broke. I don't rememeber much other than looking at the moon a couple times. I got a Meade ETX-125 PE Free through an awards program through my work and thought I'd try my luck at it once again. this is the one I have with tripod and everything. ... copes.html
I've read over the instructions a couple times over, and had a really hard time getting to see anything at all out of it night or day but finally figured it out. I got it centered on the blinking light on the top of a watertower close by, then on the moon. the two times I had a chance to try it out it was cloudy so I couldnt see any stars to try and figure out the autostar thingy. I dont know if I'll ever really use it as it seems way to complicated. maybe later on down the road If I can locate someone local to give me some help. (Wisconsin near madision if you know anybody or groups) When I did look at the moon it was cool but I'd like to see more detail and as close up as I can get. is it possible to see the spot where we landed on the moon, maybe some tracks or the flag? I work night shift and am lucky if I get off one night a month so its gonna take me a while to learn to use it. I hope I can figure it out soon cuz a couple guys at work are anxious to see what it looks like and I was going to bring it in and set it up on the roof some night. I'm willing to spend a $100 or so on a good lens for moon closeups, or maybe $200 for a couple lenses. I was looking at these ... cs125.html maybe getting two of them. any recommendations on which one or ones I should get? I was also thinking of getting this ... 07607.html would all my lenses fit? I want a safe place to keep everything I have while not in use.
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Re: Lens for Meade ETX-125 PE

Postby Jne_K on Mon May 25, 2009 7:36 am


First, join a local astronomy club - that is the quickest way to learn astronomy and get help with scope issues. There should be at least one club in a city like Madison. Do a Google or contact someone in the physics dept at the University.

That scope can effectively use 200 on planets and the moon on a night of good seeing. That tarnslates into a 9mm or 10mm eyepiece and any of the Series 5000 are excellent eyepieces.

You can use any brand of 1.25" telescope eyepiece in your ETX. To determine magnification with any eyepiece, divide the focal length of your telescope (1900mm for the ETX-125) by the focal length of the eyepiece (eyepieces are marked and sold by focal length, not magnification).

Your choice of eyepiece depends mostly on what type of object you are trying to observe and that determines the magnification needed. Planets require high magnification, deep-sky objects require low and medium powers. You may also want to consider field of view, eye relief if you wear glasses, optical quality (reflected in the price) your personal preferences, what eyepieces you have now and much more.

I generally recommend a range of magnifications in the low, medium and high range and do not recommend more than 200x as a maximum for your ETX. Usually, three eyepieces or two eyepieces and a barlow will do as a minimum for astronomy. Again, use high magnifications for the moon and planets, but keep magnifications on the low side for nebulae, star clusters and galaxies.

Since telescope eyepieces are the most important accessory for any telescope, you may also wish to do more reading with my article, Ten Telescope Eyepiece Questions
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