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reflector telescope

Need our opinion on a telescope Optics Planet has on sale, go ahead and ask! Post some hints and tips on various telescope brands and configuration.

reflector telescope

Postby ICU2 on Wed May 26, 2004 6:00 pm

ok, the concept I as I understand it is, the more light you can capture, the better image you wil have. Is this right?

If so, do we have a really wide reflector telescope availble here? and whats the damage?

2) I hear you can buy a kit and built it yourself. Anything like that?


Postby Stan @ Opticsplanet on Fri May 28, 2004 2:50 pm

Thank you for your interest in You are partially correct. The larger the objective lens, the more light the scope wil gather, giving you a brighter image. A brighter image will give you more detail on deep space, dim objects, like a galaxy. Reflector telescopes generally have a longer focal length than a refractor. That means you will get more magnification out of the same physical size instrument. More magnification means more detail on objects like the moon and planets. The right telescope depends on your application.

Building a telescope can be a tricky operation. A lot of time can go into building a scope for yourself. We do not have any kits available here.

Please let us know what else we can do for you.
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