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help, what do i do with my telescope?

Need our opinion on a telescope Optics Planet has on sale, go ahead and ask! Post some hints and tips on various telescope brands and configuration.

help, what do i do with my telescope?

Postby mattbond on Fri May 27, 2011 1:05 pm

Firstly i would like to say this website is great, ive been on it for the last hour and im hooked.
I went up into my mums loft and grabbed out my late fathers telescope last night, and have been playing around with it today and setting up ready for tonight, the sky is looking clear so fingures crossed. It's pretty old, its a tasco 320x60mm 49TR. There were no instructions with it and i had to assemble it from memory when i used it with him before he passed away some 21 years ago. this website has been agreat help. Is there anyone that can give me any pointers and hints, ive already ordered a star chart and been to the library for some books.
Any information and hints would be greatly appreciated
matt in the uk
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Re: help, what do i do with my telescope?

Postby Jne_K on Sun May 29, 2011 7:22 pm


Welcome to astronomy, Matt!

My article, Telescope FAQs was written for the very kinds of questions a beginner has when faced with setting up a telescope. It can be used with any beginner's telescope. Also check my other article,A Dozen Telescope Observing Tips for Beginners will also help.

For books, I highly recommend Nightwatch by Terence Dickinson. There is a new edition out, but any edition is considered to be THE beginners astronomy book. If you are going to spend money on an astronomy book, this would be my first purchase.

For online resources/magazines, Sky&Telescope and Astronomy are the two reigning standards for the amateur astronomy community. Both have much useful info for the beginner.

Lastly, I strongly recommend joining an astronomy club. There is no better way to learn the basics than standing next to a telescope with someone who knows what they are doing.
Thanks for posting with us
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