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Bushnell 650 by 5 inch

Need our opinion on a telescope Optics Planet has on sale, go ahead and ask! Post some hints and tips on various telescope brands and configuration.

Bushnell 650 by 5 inch

Postby Coops on Wed Dec 01, 2004 12:08 pm

this telescope has brought the whole world of astronomy into grasp. I have had my telescope for around 2 weeks and I cant ever stop using it. When its cloudy I feel like I'm missing out on something out in space. I can see very far into the sky, it is what I expected andd I got it. However, I am wondering what types of upgrades I can buy from this website. As the time flys I am saving more and more money for an awesome upgrade on my Bushnell. Please reply, thanks

And for anyone out there wanting to buy the great sale price of the Bushnell, DO IT

Postby on Wed Dec 01, 2004 3:48 pm

Ho Coops

I'm delighted to hear you are enjoying your new Bushnell 675x5 reflector. Yes, astronomy is a great hobby and quite addicting.

The easiest way to upgrade your Bushnell would be to replace the standard eyepieces included with the 675x5 with higher quality eyepieces. Better eyepieces can improve image sharpness as well as brightness and increase the field of view. You can spend as much on a single eyepiece as you did on your telescope, but a good quality Plossl design eyepiece can be purchased for a reasonable price. Here are some good choices:

Meade Series 4000 SuperPlossl, ... ieces.html

Celestron Omni, ... eries.html

Celestron Excel, ... eries.html
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what sizes of the eye lenses

Postby coops on Fri Dec 03, 2004 10:49 am

Thanks for the help on what to buy, but I still need to know the sizes of the eye lenses to buy, please reply so that I may buy a new eye piece.