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bushell 20-60x65 or winchester wt8 or 16p 20-60x80

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bushell 20-60x65 or winchester wt8 or 16p 20-60x80

Postby Guest on Sat Apr 17, 2004 11:27 pm

I am considering buying either bushell 20-60x65 or vanguard winchester wt8 or 16p 20-60x80

I would appericate your feedback on these. will I able to see through heat haze or see anything against bright sky in background?

My old binocular had 9-27x50 futura le from tasco. it was awesome and great, but only for about a year then it started to fall apart. Then I got really disappoitned in it. I can see signal light on railroad about 4 miles away good. but sometime it got difficulty when day got bright in mid-day...

so will either brand above will be A LOT better than my binocular?? How come these scope does not have anti-glare like my binocular (red lens or red coating lens)



Bushnell Trophy Spotting Scope

Postby Stan @ Opticsplanet on Wed Apr 21, 2004 3:28 pm

Dear Ken,
Thank you for your interest in I'm not familiar with the Winchester brand, as we do not carry any of their products.

The Bushnell Trophy, ... rophy.html, is an excellent scope. It is fully waterproof allowing for a better tolerance to climate conditions and weather resistance. The Bushnell Trophy is built sturdy and will last awhile. Multi-coatings are used on the lens to help produce the best possible image. The big adantage over your binoculars will be the increased magnification, allowing for increased detail on distant objects.

No Scope can see through heat waves. That is one optical illusion that you can not compensate for. The farther away you are trying to see, the more atmoshpere is in your way. This will impair your vision through any scope you look through. The more magnification, the more it appears to affect your view.

I hope this information has been helpful. Please let us know if there is anything else you need.
Best Regards,
Stan Mack
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