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choices, ...need advice

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choices, ...need advice

Postby lmans on Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:15 pm

I am looking to buy a spotting scope I will use for birding and eventually I will get into digiscoping. I live in Washington State and find that the winters here demand to have a quality scope as much of the time it is overcast/cloudy, especially on the coast. choices are:
Kowa TSN 664 ED 66mm with the 20-60 zoom lens...
Vortex Ed 20-60-80mm Skyline
Vixen Geom II ED either the 67mm or 82mm with the 16-48 zoom
Alpen 20-60-80mm 786...non ED glass

All scopes are straight...... The Kowa appears to be the top of the line and for glass i think the Vixen is just a notch below.

First...If I am birding in cloudy weather, do I need to be in the 80mm category or will the Kowa 66mm have sufficient light? well would the Alpen or Skyline perferm at the 60mm zoom? The skyline and Alpen are also the heaviest and longest.

Third...Does a scope with ED glass need to be 80mm to be sufficient (Kowa or the Vixen)?

Thanks in advance.....jim

Re: choices, ...need advice

Postby lmans on Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:22 pm

Okay...I figured it out as I simply read gads of postings on this forum. This is one fantastic forum with a ton of information. This forum is one of the best things going for Optic Planet! Love it.

So it is obvious...the answer is the Kowa. As I have read over and over again, buy ED glass, buy the best scope one can afford size wise with the ED glass, ....the more expensive the scope, the better you will be

I am thinking of selling my camera equipment (Canon L Series 300 Prime) and investing in a great scope. My only question regards quality of digiscoping in general.

Given conditions are equal and whatever the image is taken...the image is full framed, does a high quality photographic setup such as a Canon Camera with L series prime lens.....equate or surpass (I doubt be less than) a high quality digiscope image taken with a solid spotting scope and camera (4-5 MP)? Thanks in advance, jim