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Vixen Geoma II

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Vixen Geoma II

Postby lmans on Thu Oct 06, 2011 10:25 pm

Can you give me the dimensions of the [link=]Vixen[/link] Geoma II...the length with and without eyepiece and the weight? I haven't been able to find the length anyplace.

I have heard this is a good scope...but I know you really like the C-regal...which appear solid too but lacking in overall quality perhaps...? How would you compare the two or even with a [link=]Bushnell[/link] or [link=]Brunton[/link]... thanks, ....

Have you tried digiscoping with the Geoma? I had at one time a 80HD Swaro...and found it to be good in digiscoping with the easy focus etc...of course the quality of images doesn't stack up to my [link=]Canon[/link] 7D plus 400mm but digiscoping is designed for a different purpose I believe... your thoughts? jim

Re: Vixen Geoma II

Postby Jne_K on Fri Oct 07, 2011 6:05 am

Hi Jim

We talking the 67 or the 82? I don't have access to the products to measure them for you, but I did find these specs on other websites for you.

82mm (straight) Height 11.8cm × Length 36.4cm × Width 9.7cm
Weight 1,350g 47 ounces

Vixen Geoma II ED67-A with the GLH48T zoom eyepiece weighs 2.71 lbs, or 43.4 oz. 15 inches long

Can't vouch for these specs, but they match up with what I saw when I did inspect a Geoma II some time back. In other words, a fairly typical scope in terms of both length and weight. Not sure if that's with or without eyepiece, but either way, about what you would expect.

Optics on the Geoma have always been good, probably not quite to a Swarovski HD level, especially since the Geoma zoom is not in the same class as the Swarovski zoom, but the Geoma would certainly be a good choice for digiscoping. Only issue I can see is that not a lot of folks carry the fixed power eyepieces for the Geoma II and that's what you want for digiscoping if you can get one. Might have to go direct to Vixen, but they are out there. Haven't digiscoped with this one, but I have digiscoped successfully with worse scopes, optically, so go for it.
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