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Looking for a new Spotting Scope

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Looking for a new Spotting Scope

Postby lbrids on Sat Apr 01, 2006 4:18 pm

I am looking for a light weight spotting scope to be used for birding & wildlife viewing and also a pocket monocular along with a compact to be left at home for viewing by anyone in house. I wear glasses and only have use of my small right hand. I also would like to be able to use my Pentax Optio digital camera with the bigger spotting scope if possible

Postby Jne_K on Sat Apr 01, 2006 4:55 pm


Any spotting scope will require the use of a tripod due to the magnification and the larger the spotting scope, the heavier the tripod needed. If you are wearing glasses, check the specs for eye relief. You will need a minimum of 14mm.

Here are some spotting scopes at various price points. Keep in mind that price is a good indicator of quality.

Bushnell 20-60x65 Trophy Spotting Scope 78-2065
Celestron Ultima 65 Spotting Scope 52248[/url]
Celestron Ultima 80 Spotting Scope 52250
LOMO Astele 60 LER 47x60mm Spotting Scope A1210

Leupold Wind River Sequoia 15-45x60mm Angled Spotting Scope

Eagle Optics Raven 20-60x78
Browning 15-45X65 mm Spotting Scope 881545[/url]

Leupold Green Ring Sequoia 20-60x80mm

Nikon Sky & Earth 80mm Spotting Scope, 20-60x80 Zoom eyepiece[/url]
Swift 20-60x80mm Nighthawk Angle View Scope

[url=]B&L / Bushnell Elite 20-60x80mm ED Glass 45 Deg. Angeled Spotting scope
Pentax PF-80ED-A Spotting Scopes (zoom kit)[/url]

The following are premium grade spotting scopes - the finest made
Swarovski ATS 80 45­° Angled Spotting Scope (zoom ki]
Leica Televid 77 Spotting Scope plus Leica B 20-60/16-48X Vario-Ocular

[url=]Nikon Fieldscope 82mm ED Body Spotting Scope plus Nikon Zoom Eyepiece
25-75x for 82mm
Kowa 82mm High Performace Spotting Scopes TSN-820 plus Kowa Eyepieces for
82mm (Z7C)

Zeiss Diascope 85 T* FL Spotting Scopes plus Zeiss 15-45x/20-60x Variable

You can mount any digital point and shoot camera to nearly any spotting
scope with a universal digital adapter such as the url=]Radian[/url],

As for monoculars, price again is a good indicator of optical quality, with
the Zeiss] and ]Nikon HG being the best products made.
Thanks for posting with us
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