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scope as camera lens

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scope as camera lens

Postby dga on Sun Apr 09, 2006 10:52 pm

there is not much to choose from for a add on lens (for greater magnification) for my canon a610 camera. is there or can you recommend a low magnification, (under12x) as large as possible objective lens for use with my digital point and shoot that has a 4x optical zoom. i have purchased a barska digiscope adapter, so any scope or monocular to fit it would be helpfull. i do not know how much vignetting there would be with anything smaller than around 65mm objective lens. i have a ultima 65 scope, but for daytime shooting the magnification (18x) is to much for the shotting i do which is generally less than 300 yards.
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Postby on Mon Apr 10, 2006 10:24 am


Digiscoping adapters such as the Barska and Radian are designed to attach digital point and shoot cameras to spotting scopes. You may, however, be able to use them to attach a digital point and shoot to a monocular or other instrument, but that is not their original design intent and, as such, there is no way to gaurantee how well they will work. In other words, you'd be pretty much on your own on a trial and error basis.

A monocular is a small handheld spotting scope with lower magnification. In theory, you could mount on to than adapter, but it would make for a pretty unwieldy setup. I have, however, used a small monocular such as the Nikon 5x HG, and handheld it in front of the lens on a digital point and shoot camera. Took a little patience, but I did get some useable pics, though the results required a lot of cropping due to vignetting.
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