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Which Spotting scope in the 0 range

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Which Spotting scope in the $250 range

Postby CBennett on Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:22 am

Im looking for a spotting scope in the $250 range. Ive seen several and want to know whats best. I am looking to use it at the range for sighting in rifles and or longer distance shooting where you cant see the holes with the naked eye or a lower powered scope to be able to make adjustments. Id say the furthest would be 300 yards or less

with a .22 LR id say 100 yards or less

with a .223 or 30-06(M1 garand) 100-200 yards(300 max as thats really as far as the range goes)

I need to be able to see and resolve the various paper punched holes at those ranges.

so far ive seen several and of course with my BAD/HORRIBLE luck missed out on 1 smoking deal(the Celestron Regal 65 at $226 at amazon..missed it by 1 day not its back up to $400) But what ive been looking at is the

Leupold Ventana 15-45X60

Theron Saker 15-45X60


anything else you guys can recommend near the $250 range. these 2 I listed are in that $250ish range which is better which do you recommend...anything else I should be looking at in this range?

Re: Which Spotting scope in the $250 range

Postby Guest on Wed Oct 17, 2012 6:22 pm

Got the Ventana...nothing else was in stock or on sale anymore so it made the question easy to answer.