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Quality 60mm vs Mid 80mm

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Quality 60mm vs Mid 80mm

Postby JRK_87 on Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:08 am

Hello all,

Ive tried searching forums to see if this has been addressed.

My question is how do various scope specs compare against each other as general rules of thumb? For example does an alpha 65mm like swaro or kowa tsn 663 compare against the zenray 82 or razor 85? Or an ED/HD 60mm scope vs non ED/HD 85mm? Is the quality glass in the smaller better/sharper than larger MM?

I know larger MM let in more light and give brighter images.

Sorry if this seems rambling or unclear. Im sure theres more Im not asking so any help would be helpful.
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Re: Quality 60mm vs Mid 80mm

Postby Steven_L on Thu Feb 07, 2013 2:18 pm

Good question. The answer is that most of the time, better glass and coatings in a smaller lens will be superior in resolution to a lesser quality, larger objective scope. This goes for spotters, binocs, and riflescopes. Objective size also translates to better resolution, but to a much smaller degree than quality. Brightness is a factor, but just a bit. A 65mm lens will not be as bright, but other considerations are more important. Transportability is one. Weight and clumsiness does not a happy viewer make. A larger exit pupil generally means that there's more forgiveness in eye relief and position, also. If you are a person that can recognize what the best optics really look like (not a lot of people do), doubling the price will result in an extremely small percentage point increase in performance over other high priced optics. The difference between a $1500.00 and a $#000.00 spotter is certainly noticeable, but not a lot of users will appreciate the difference in real world use, with the exception of digiscopers that will have copies of their photos and can use all the resolution available.
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