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Postby LINMAN on Thu Nov 04, 2004 11:49 am

Are there different qualities of ED glass? I see large differences in prices for similar specification ED glass spotting scopes. Even within the same company. For example there is about a $100 price difference between the Bausch and Lomb Elite (628045) 20-60x80 and the Bushnell (788045). Other than the price, very little if any difference, and all part of the same corporation.
PS-I don't count the Swarovski HD glass in this question.

Postby on Thu Nov 04, 2004 7:02 pm

Hi Linman

The price difference you are seeing between the B&L Elite ED spotting scope, and the Bushnell Elite ED is based on the fact that the B&L is older inventory whereas the Bushnell is current inventory. Both are in fact the same scope from the same manufacturer (Bushnell owns Bausch&Lomb). Bushnell is now in the process of phasing out the B&L name and going strictly with Bushnell, hence the discount on the B&L version. Right noww the B&L version is a great buy.

Are there differences in ED glass? Yes, in fact, many. All are designed to eliminate chromatic aberration (colr fringing), but not all do this to the same degree. As you might expect, the higher the grade of scope, the higher the grade of ED glass. In general, versions labeled as Fluorite, APO, HD are indicators of higher correction (and expense). ED can mean very well corrected as in the case of the Kowa 663 or less so on baragin scopes.
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