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Observational spotting scope or binoculars

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Observational spotting scope or binoculars

Postby Ted on Sat Nov 22, 2003 10:58 pm

Almost completed building an upscale home on a 100ft bluff overlooking a
large lake in TN. Need something tripod mountable for viewing barges and
pleasure boats on the lake and birds and wildlife around the lake. Several
nearby residences have spotting scopes (Nikon) and I suspect that's the way
to go. Looking for clarity and zoom in all light conditions. Can you
recommend several brands and models?


Postby Admin on Sun Nov 23, 2003 1:41 am

Thanks for your interest in our products!
We have a lot of customers with exactly the same needs as yours, and we can accommodate them with the best optics available on the market today.
If money is not an object, [url=]Oberwerk 25/40x100mm Military Observation
Binoculars[/url] cannot be beat - it is one of the best spotting scope / binocular optical devices for a long range observations
It is a mind-blowing setup that gives you everything you need, plus it looks
good, and it is always important for upscale homes with a beautiful view -
check out the pictures we have on that page.
For your application you need either a nice spotting scope or a powerful set
of Long-Range Observation Binoculars with a tripod.
We have many models spotting scopes and binoculars from about $100 all the way to $5800 Nikon bino telescope.
;-) ... ulars.html
If you go with a spotting scope
Swarovski makes the best spotting scopes in the world.
Nikon spotting scopes are very nice. Bausch & Lomb Elite spotting scopes
and Pentax spotting scopes are excellent. LOMO, Meade, and l[url=]Bushnell[/u] give
you a very good value.
Please take a look at our Binoculars and Spotting scopes bestsellers
If you go with any top optics brand, and we offer them all, in most cases, with any optical device you get what you pay for - more or less. If you can tell us what you price range is, we will help to select the best one for
your money. A few more links that will help you figure out your options and explain what
all the numbers mean
"How to buy a Spotting Scope" is here ... cope.shtml
"How to buy Binoculars" article is here ... lars.shtml
I hope it helps to get you started and congratulations on your new house!
Most of our products are in stock for the holidays and all come with free
UPS ground shipping.

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