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Horrible Experience with Opticsplanet - Canceled my Order

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Horrible Experience with Opticsplanet - Canceled my Order

Postby ProV1 on Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:38 am

Lets start by saying I ordered a Pentax Riflescope a couple of months ago. Shipped fine and included in the box the scope came in I received a coupon for $15 off any order over $150.00.

A few weeks ago I had a gentleman ask if I could order and mount a scope for him. I like Nikon products and they were having a big promotional sale. I normally deal with SWFA, but the sale plus my coupon made opticsplanet a very attractive source. So we choose a scope on sale for $159 (reg $209) and I order it, get free shipping, and use the coupon droping my total to $145.

I get an email a couple of days later that the item is out of stock and is backordered (funny it still shows up as available on the site). David Turover offered me an alternative with a redfield, I have one already and I will rank it barely above Pentax. I said no and asked about a deal on a Nikon Buckmaster and got a quote for full price. At this point, I said no thank you I will just wait on my scope to get here off of backorder. I explanined this to my client and while he was not happy he understood that stuff happens.

Yesterday I decided to check the status of the order hoping it was shipped early or something. My status says my order is canceled, I never canceled my order. I sent an email to Opticsplanet but never received a response, yes it was a heated email but I will make no apologies for it.

Now the Nikon Sale is over, I have to get this same scope from my customer. I will have to go through SWFA to get it meaning I will have to pay tax and shipping. All in all I am going to be $100 in the hole on this deal. Needless to say I will never use Opticsplanet again, and being that I am on numerous hunting and shooting forums I awill sahre my experience on each one of them in hopes I can save anyone from this type of treatment again.

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Re: Horrible Experience with Opticsplanet - Canceled my Order

Postby sandrom on Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:12 pm


We are very sorry to hear about how we disappointed you. I've already sent this over to a customer service specialist to investigate your order and see what we can do for you.

As far as the item being listed on our site still - unfortunately we do not have the availability of items on our website. Nowhere does it says in stock, available, unavailable, backordered, or anything of that sort, because we can't provide accurate data at this time. At our size, our inventory is turned multiple times per day, with thousands of items being shipped from our warehouse and thousands more being received from suppliers. Our website, however, does not update in anything close to real-time.

We are working on a new system which will allow us to provide better information to our customers online. If you have seen our new product page design, that is one step in the direction of providing availability on our website. With that said, we're extremely forthcoming with the inventory of any item on our website when you call us at 800-504-5897 or use our live chat service, so feel free to check in before you place your order.

Once again, I apologize for your frustration. We are working on making our website better.

Alessandro M.
OpticsPlanet, Inc.
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